Verband der Europäischen Laminatbodenhersteller e.V.


EPLF total sales 2019

EPLF® publishes annual statistics on the total sales for the previous year. The data reported by ordinary members (producers) is collected on a quarterly basis and summed up at the end of the year. The Association makes public only the information below, as all other data is confidential and reserved for members.


EPLF-Gesamt-Absatz 2019:
446,7 Mio. m²

Stabilisation of the laminate flooring market in 2019

In 2019, the worldwide sales of the EPLF members reached 446.7 million m² of laminate flooring. The second half of 2019 showed a positive trend, stabilising the market. While sales in Western Europe fell slightly in 2019, main Western European countries continue to report positive figures. Eastern Europe remains a strong market. Overseas sales did register a setback.


Western Europe: 217,9 million m²

In Western Europe (total sales 217,9 million m2), Germany remains the main market with almost 50 million m², followed by France at 36.5 million m² and  Great Britain at 32.6 million m2, which is an increase of 9.5 % compared to 2018. The Netherlands follow ranks at 18.6 million m2 (increase of 1.4%) and Spain at 16.7 million m2 (increase of 1.4%).


Eastern Europe: 135,1 million m²

With total sales of 135,1 million m2, the region confirms its important position for the members of EPLF. The Ukraine is clearly the "rising star" in the region with a 34.8% growth and now ranks third in the region, after Russia (growth of 11.3 %) and Poland (growth of 5.5%).

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