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EPLF strengthens its membership base

Brussels, 30 January 2020 – 2019 ended positively for EPLF, the association of European Producers of
Laminate Flooring, as Deurowood Produktions, I4F Patents & Technology, UNILIN Division Technologies,
and Wester Mineralien became associate members of the organisation.

“We, at EPLF, are pleased to welcome four new associate members in the association. All links of the
supply chain, from suppliers of wood-based materials, to producers of paper, decorative covering printers
and impregnation equipment and manufacturers of machinery are an integral part of the laminate
industry. Their presence within the association makes perfect sense.” Max von Tippelskirch (Swiss Krono),
President of the association, said.

The Austria-based Deurowood Produktions ranks among the leading suppliers worldwide in the area of
innovative and safe to use chemical additives applied in the impregnation of paper for application in the
production of LPL, HPL, CPL. Among its targets to accomplish future growth is to exploit its product range
in the production of wood-based composites.

I4F Patents & Technology is a Belgian innovations group focusing on the development of patents and
technologies for the flooring industry. Its portfolio includes IP for flooring installation and wall mounting
systems, material compositions, surface treatment as well as laminate and board production

UNILIN division technologies, based in Belgium, manages and commercialises the IP assets of the
Mohawk Group. It ensures the worldwide protection and commercialisation of patents, granting licenses
to trusted partners via its sales network. Over the years, innovations such as advanced locking systems,
surface structures, material build-ups and many more were successfully introduced to the flooring
industry through its licensing business.

The Germany-based Wester Mineralien is specialised in manufacturing optimised very hard particles like
corundum and silicon carbide. It produces, refines, trades and develops technical solutions for the
customers’ needs. Laminate floor producers are the most important customers of the company. Over the
years, the company became a global player, of which our locations in Zhengzhou (China), Lodz (Poland)
and Durban (South Africa) are proof.

With these for new additions to the association, EPLF has now 18 ordinary members, 23 associate
members and 10 supporting members.

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