European Producers of Laminate Flooring
EPLF Ziele und Aufgaben

Purpose and Objectives

I. Preamble

The Association represents and promotes the mutual interests of its members by:

  • Promoting their general material, commercial and business interests, in particular by seeking to prevent unfair competition.
  • Providing information and advice to members.
  • Promoting the mutual interests of its members in respect of research, development and standards.

II. Purpose

The work of the EPLF® is guided by the following objectives which provide the guidelines for the Executive Board, the Working Groups and the Executive Unit:


  • Information platform for producers and suppliers
  • Development and care of business contacts among members 
  • Company-independent representation of interests 
  • Point of contact for international organizations and associations


  • Promotion of the image of laminate flooring as a product 
  • Information for end users and dealers
  • Promotion of innovation and leading quality
  • Enhancement of market transparency by means of active involvement in work on standards

The EPLF ® as an association, its bodies and members comply with all relevant European and national antitrust law regulations in the context of the EPLF in any respect.  

III. Profile of Activities

The Association's profile of activities derives from its objectives and is reflected in the work of the Working Groups:

Markets & Image Working Group

  • Quarterly sales statistics 
  • Press office and public relations work
  • Lobbying
  • International trade fair representation 
  • Internet
  • Trend analyses
  • Market research
  • Monitoring of competition

Technology Working Group

  • Development of research and standards, e.g. EN 13329 European standard on laminate flooring
  • Involvement in standardization bodies at both European and international level
  • Preparation of brochures and data sheets on technical issues, e.g. data sheets on laying and cleaning
  • Working parties for special projects, e.g. Working Party on Push and Pull Forces, Working Party on Deep structures, Working Party on Castor Chair Test.
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