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Made of quality wood - Laminate flooring is long lasting & easy to care for, meeting the highest European quality standards

Technically mature and reliable ‒ and with a variety of design options    

Nearly 40 years of research, design and development have resulted in European laminate being one of the world’s most popular, high-quality floor coverings. Laminate is the floor covering that gives extra benefits – extra variety in the choice of decors, extra user comfort and extra pleasure from made-to-last, environmentally-friendly flooring.

High quality products with outstanding properties
The winning features of superior quality European laminates are not only “superficial”, i.e. in their perfect look and feel, but also in their technical properties: they are produced to a high quality, which makes for extremely hard-wearing and durable flooring. The versatility and easy instalment of laminate flooring makes it a smart solution for all consumers. Intelligent click systems make it easy to lay, take up and swap extra-long or extra-wide planks. Damaged areas can easily be replaced. Laminate is a highly flexible solution which adapts to many use cases. With the appropriate equipment, laminate can be used in any living or working area, and also hasnew applications in commercial and office spaces.

On request, manufacturers can offer planks with useful additional features such as integral sound insulation to reduce footfall noise, anti-static surface, edge protection or special moisture protection for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Many producers also include skirting boards and finishing edges in their range which match their board decors. 

No other floor covering offers such a large choice of attractive surface decors and textures. With authentic wood finishes ranging from rustic to elegant and featuring stone, metal or graphic decors, laminate allows everyone to express their own personal taste underfoot and pick just the right laminate floor to suit their needs and requirements.

Technically mature

Quality assurance

Authentic designs

Long lifetime

Value for money

How it is Made

Classically produced laminate flooring is made up of three layers: Melamine resin overlay + decor layer, core layer and backing layer.

The decorative paper is what gives the laminate flooring its individual appearance. There is a wide range of highly authentic wood reproductions, but the infinite variety of interesting tile designs and creative décors should not be forgotten either. The wear layer is provided by the melamine resin, a highly wear resistant material that makes laminate flooring so hard wearing.

The core of the laminate floor is provided by the core layer. As its name suggests, this supports the decorative paper and the overlay, and of course the people who later walk on the floor. The core layer is made of compressed wood fibres, which is differentiated by HDF (High Density Fibreboard) or MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) depending upon its density degrees. A variety of other different papers can also be inserted between the core layer and the decorative paper, e.g. a footstep sound insulation layer.

The stabilizing layer, a compact elastic paper, makes up the bottom layer of laminate flooring and is what gives the floor its stability.
Laminate flooring is produced in board form. The production process involves the individual layers in the laminate floor being pressed together under high pressure and at high temperature.

Beside the classically produced laminate flooring with an overlay of melamin resin there is also directly printed laminate flooring, with which the core layer is directly printed with the décor and lacquered finally, electron-beamed-hardened flooring or laminate flooring with a foil-surface.

Laminate Flooring – Product Composition
(1) Highly wear-resistant top layer made of melamine resin overlay
(2) Decor layer printed with elaborately reproduced decors
(3) Fibreboard, MDF or HDF
(4) Reverse side (backing layer)
(5) Easy-to-lay thanks to click mechanism

Easy to renovate due to low installation height.

EPLF® Laminat Produktaufbau

Authentic designs

Laminate comes in attractive, authentic designs. Laminate floors with wood decor are inspired by nature itself. Sophisticated technology is used to achieve a very realistic, natural-looking design that brings even rare and exotic woods into your home without harming valuable forests. 

See. Feel. Experience.
A laminate floor is much more than just an imitation of a natural surface. Modern laminates often look so authentic that you can hardly tell the difference between a laminate and a real wooden floor. And best of all, you decide how authentic a look you want.

Truly distinctive
Apart from the colour, the main thing that determines the authentic timber look is the grain of the decor, which varies from slightly patterned to very vibrant. High-resolution replicas of natural materials guarantee an absolutely authentic look, while sophisticated optical testing procedures ensure that the boards can be ideally combined. Boards are available in a wide range of formats – long, narrow and compact.

Authentic to the touch
To imitate natural materials as closely as possible, structures and pores are incorporated in the decor. The effect is tangible, because instead of being smooth the surface becomes a tactile experience. This effect is the result of modern register and porous synchronous printing, which can be used not only for wood decors but also stone or metal tile decors.

Antique look – in seconds!
Why wait until a new floor looks old and rustic? With laminate flooring you decide from the outset what look you want. New types of wood decor create a rustic look with uniquely textured surfaces that look as if they have been brushed or planed. With all these design possibilities, laminates allow you to create an unusual and truly unique living environment.

And when you want to update the look of your interior design, you can easily dispose of your old laminate flooring.

Long lifetime

Laminate flooring is extremely hard-wearing and durable. If well cared for, laminate floors are known to be long lasting. This makes the average lifetime of a laminate floor longer than that of many other floor coverings.

Long lasting with the right care
The sealed surface of laminate flooring makes it extremely hard-wearing and gives it a long lifetime. It’s important to select the appropriate load class for your purpose, because the floor in a hallway is subject to much more wear than the floor in a bedroom, for example.

Should the worst occur
If individual boards are damaged you can have them individually replaced by a specialist. There is no need to replace the entire floor. However, if you buy remaining stock or material from less well-known manufacturers, we recommend buying a few extra boards so that you are equipped for any emergencies.

EPLF® Laminat lange Lebensdauer

Stringent quality assurance

Laminate flooring meets the highest EU quality standards. Product quality is safeguarded by the European laminate flooring standard EN 13329. This ensures transparency and inspires confidence.

Not all laminate is the same
Everyone has their own views on laminate – and that’s just fine. But not all products available on the European market comply with European quality and safety standards. So it’s essential to look critically before buying.

Load classes – mark of quality
Laminate floors manufactured in Europe are labelled with protected symbols, known as load classes, in accordance with the European standard EN 13329. These provide information about the load capacity and therefore the recommended use of a floor. In order to classify the product in accordance with the relevant standards it is continually subjected to standardised tests that ensure stringent quality assurance.

CE labelling – mark of safety

The CE labelling is a product label under EU law created for the transparency and protection of all end consumers in Europe. The corresponding regulations ensure that a product can only be brought on to the market if it meets the requirements of all applicable EU Directives. In Europe, the CE labelling guarantees that laminate floors have been made according to stringent requirements for usage requirements such as emissions, fire characteristics and anti-slip properties.

Therefore: When buying laminate always look for the CE labelling and the load classes. If the product features both, you can be sure you are buying a tested European product you can trust.

EPLF® Laminat ist Qualitätssicher

Value for money

As with all products, quality laminate comes at a price. But there are some basic rules of thumb to help you when buying laminate flooring.

Quality has its price
That’s life. But laminate flooring offers very good value for money. Depending on the usage you can obtain a high-quality laminate floor with a long lifetime and excellent workmanship in different price ranges. Of course there are also floors on special offers – but always remember to look at the difference in quality as well as the difference in price.

Are there any extra features to look out for?
Laminate flooring with integrated footstep sound insulation and useful extra features such as anti-static surface and special edge protection usually cost a little more. Manufacturers and retailers have a whole range of different products to offer that are specially tailored to your needs. And good advice costs nothing.

Don’t forget the accessories!
Many manufacturers supply skirting boards and edges to match their decors. It’s worth checking out what is available before making your final choice to make sure everything fits together as per your original idea.

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