Asociación de Fabricantes Europeos de Suelos Laminados

New Members - New names in EPLF


Four new members were welcomed into the association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) at the last meeting of all members in the house of Meister-Leisten Schulte (Rüthen-Meiste). The laminate flooring producers Alloc AS (Lyngdal/Norway) and Poliface SA (Maia/Portugal) were accepted as regular members. The supplier companies DSM Melamine (Sittard/Netherlands) and Hans Schmidt KG (Gronau/Germany) were enrolled as associate members. The number of producers that are organised in the EPLF is hence now 21, and the number of supplier companies 18. Further, five testing institutes are enrolled as sponsoring members. With the companies Alloc (Norway) and Poliface (Portugal), the number of European countries represented in the EPLF has risen from eight to ten.

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Verband der Europäischen Laminatfußbodenhersteller e.V.
Anne-Claude Martin
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pressateplf [dot] com

Rue Defacqz 52
1050 Ixelles
Tel. +32.(0)2.536.86.74

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