Asociación de Fabricantes Europeos de Suelos Laminados

Green flooring Sustainable buildings have laminate floors


Protecting the environment, curbing energy consumption and recycling used materials: ecological aspects in the construction industry are gaining in importance for many private individuals, architects and public bodies. Sustainable construction is very popular. Laminate flooring has good green credentials, as is proven in environmental product declarations, which makes it the preferred choice of flooring and explains why it is increasingly being used in homes.


But what makes laminate flooring environmentally-friendly and sustainable? What makes it so green? The materials used to make laminate flooring have a minimal impact on global resources and energy consumption for production and logistics has to be low. The product is made exclusively from wood sourced from sustainably managed domestic forests. Decorative finishes are printed on certified paper with a high proportion of recycled material and natural water-based inks. Eco-friendly resins are used as the binder. Packaging is made from recycled paper.

EPLF is committed to sustainable building and was one of the first organisations in the flooring industry to call for environmental product declarations for laminate flooring. The EPLF has been a member of the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) since 2009. The industry is fully aware of its responsibility to the environment and buyers of laminate flooring. "Green flooring" is the order of the day.

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