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3D designs are in demand Unique laminate flooring decors at Interzum


It’s all about the surface: its design, haptics, visual depth, structure and colour. The surface creates the emotional access to a product and decides on its appeal or lack thereof. The European decor printers are aware of this fact and showcase a multitude of new design ideas for furniture and laminate flooring at Interzum Cologne. Embossed in Register and digital prints are the current hot topics: of course implemented with contemporary 3D designs. Completely authentic, with impressive colour brilliance and expressive depth-effects. The floor surface becomes a visual adventure and creates new interior design worlds.


Embossed in Register is the method of choice for these innovative laminate flooring decors. Their outstanding features include natural structures and a refined rusticity. Patina effects, whitewashed woods and irregular textures with 3D-impressions create the structures’ maturity and high quality. The decors seem as though they were manually processed and thus more natural and authentic than ever before. Oak, pine and larch, as well as wengé or distinctive walnut woods represent this trend towards stability. Reproductions from the fields of natural materials, such as bast fibre and basalt complete the range of decors. Matt or high-gloss finish foils are a striking variation of 3D decors. With their translucent designs, they support the desired three dimensional effects.

Of course, 3D designs can also be produced using Embossed in Register, as well as digital printing processes. The range of possibilities showcased at Interzum provides plenty of room for individual design possibilities. Geometrical shapes are the seasonal topic in the field of creative decors. Wavy or net-like structures in intense or subtle colours, some of them with a translucent look, create an innovative look. The popular grey-and-white theme, which can be currently found across the entire interior design industry, is also adopted here in many different ways. An increasing number of individual motives with logo prints, as well as the theme of coffee bags and wine cases can be found in a variety of designs. Floral motives with high-contrast colour illuminations top off the range of offers. The industry continuously works on new design ideas with creative enthusiasm. One can definitely look forward to the next Domotex in Hannover.   

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elnd1107_b1 Digitaldruck war ein Topthema auf der Interzum. Foto: Schattdecor
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elne1107_b1 Digital prints were one of the top topics at Interzum. Photo: Schattdecor

elnd1107_b2 Taormina Ruster von Schattdecor. Foto: Schattdecor
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elne1107_b2 Taormina Ruster by Schattdecor. Photo: Schattdecor 

elnd1107_b3 Canterbury Eiche von Schattdecor. Foto: Schattdecor
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elne1107_b3 Canterbury Oak by Schattdecor. Photo: Schattdecor 

elnd1107_b4 Embossed in Register, Eiche von Süddekor. Foto: Süddekor
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elne1107_b4 Embossed in Register, Oak by Süddekor. Photo: Süddekor 

elnd1107_b5 Eiche Gascogne von Süddekor. Foto: Süddekor
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elne1107_b5 Oak Gascogne by Süddekor. Photo: Süddekor 

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