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New EPLF Image Brochure - Make Room for Dreams with Laminate Flooring


To start the New Year in 2007, the EPLF European Producers of Laminate Flooring is publishing a new image brochure. Entitled “Make Room for Dreams with Laminate Flooring – Fot the sheer Joy of Living” it contains an attractive range of creative flooring solutions for home use.

Whether it is Classic or Nature, Stone, Retro or Industry – the range of modern laminate flooring decors is incredibly diverse and will match every possible furnishing style. In addition to attractive photographs, the brochure also provides an overview of current topics that concern end users: quality, health and green issues, noise properties and care tips. The brochure is available in German, English and French and can be ordered from the EPLF head office at infoateplf [dot] com.

Contacto Prensa

Verband der Europäischen Laminatfußbodenhersteller e.V.
Anne-Claude Martin
Encargada de prensa
pressateplf [dot] com

Rue Defacqz 52
1050 Ixelles
Tel. +32.(0)2.536.86.74

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Cover der EPLF-Imagebroschüre
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Cover of the EPLF image brochure

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