Asociación de Fabricantes Europeos de Suelos Laminados

EPLF launches a new Website



Using the address www.eplf.com the EPLF, European Producers of Laminate Flooring now has a completely new Website. The layout of the Website has been completely revised, the content restructured and the range of information has been expanded. By clicking on the Homepage, the user will be presented with a visual choice of many of the current finishes offered by EPLF members.

The new site offers consumers and the trade a wide selection of detailed information on the association, its members with direct links to the Websites of the individual manufacturers, laminate flooring products and latest market statistics. An extensive list of FAQ’s provides answers to the most commonly asked questions posed to the EPLF members. All of the EPLF’s brochures, including those on laying instructions, cleaning instructions and details of relevant standards and certifications are available to download. From the homepage, a link is provided to the EPLF’s ‘Presstool’, with all the association’s press information. Any of the three languages English, German or French can be selected.

Contacto Prensa

Verband der Europäischen Laminatfußbodenhersteller e.V.
Anne-Claude Martin
Encargada de prensa
pressateplf [dot] com

Rue Defacqz 52
1050 Ixelles
Tel. +32.(0)2.536.86.74

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