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EPLF introduces Draft to regulate Drum Sound Evaluation - International Work Group has developed new Measuring Technique


In the autumn of 2001, the EPLF Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (registered in Bielefeld, Germany) started an international work group that included members from the industry and from renowned testing institutes, such as the IHD Dresden, WKI Braunschweig, C.T.B.A. Bordeaux, C.C.I.P. Paris, and Lund University (Sweden). Its task was the development of an industry guideline which would standardize a test method and measuring criteria used to determine drum sound. Within a year, the joined effort of industry and institutes has brought to life a draft for suggested regulation, which the EPLF is going to present to the responsible ISO-panel in Vienna.

The draft determines how drum sound generated by walking on a laminate flooring can be measured and evaluated. The loudness of noise is evaluated in sone-values, which are integers of the curve of the specific loudness (sone/bark) in relationship to the critical band (bark/Zwicker). These sone-values are absolute and linear figures which can be compared to each other and thus represent an objective evaluation method. Through a ring experiment (Round-Robin-Test) the procedure is going to be validated again in the near future. All EPLF-members have agreed to measure the drum sound of laminate floorings by using the technique described in this new draft and also to adjust their advertisements accordingly. This is a measure to avoid conflicting messages given on product packages, brochures and catalogues. The draft is available in English to any interested party. It can be ordered from the EPLF branch at infoateplf [dot] com 

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