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Global Design - Laminate Flooring Trends in the International Arena


More individuality, more contrast, more brilliance in color and design, is characterizing the relevant decor trends for laminate flooring. The year 2001 will be influenced by darker timbers, which are to set new trends in living rooms and project areas alike. Oak, Cherry, and Walnut are the trendsetters of the season, slowly but surely taking over from the 'beloved' Beech. These timbers will give flooring a new and trend-orientated appearance underpinning its dominance and creative role within a room.

Beside many innovative design ideas in rock, metal or fantasy decors - timber reproductions are still very trendy throughout Europe. The new decors strive more than ever in structure and colour to match nature which makes it imperative to emphasize the organic attributes of the chosen timbers and to cherish their colour variations and nuances. This is entirely different in the Asian region, which besides the USA becomes more and more important as export market for laminate flooring. Timbers like Maple, Cherry, and Beech are becoming increasingly more popular in these regions, but with a stronger emphasis on the features of the timber, like fine pores, elegant grain and exquisite colour variations.

Very important topics for the project area are the metal decors. Here you find besides elegant aluminium, silver and grey shades, dominant blue and red variances, which are very interesting especially in changing colour combinations offering strong contrasts. This trend, originating from the area of individual interior designs is increasingly also adopted by laminate flooring.

Boldness in Colour and Patterns

Creative decors, especially rock formations and tiles, with or without joints, are setting the trend in the USA, which underlines the willingness of the Americans to think creatively. In is what suits. Small or large motif-variances in manifold colour tones - among the decors for the US market signal a lot of individual design ideas. In the USA, contrary to Europe, light colours are in which is shown clearly in the choosing of timbers like Maple, Birch, Beech, and Alder - decors currently in high demand in the USA. But also Cherry and Oak have made inroads as far as American flooring is concerned.

These trends document quite clearly that laminate flooring is rapidly becoming an international product. Trends in the laminate flooring arena can't be seen as national or regional any more. These trends gain new international dimensions and have to be differentiated. Decor innovations in various countries and continents inspire themselves vice versa offering the chance to secure the lasting success of a modern and sophisticated product like laminate flooring.

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Rustikales Ambiente: Eiche Landhausdiele gehört zu den Trendsettern 2001. Mit ihren satten, rot-braunen Farbtönen präsentieren sich die neuen Eiche-Dekore in einem modernen, ausdrucksstarken Design.
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Rustic Charm: Oak Country House is one of the new trends for 2001. Its rich, red-brown hues show this oak-décor as a modern, expressive design.

Eleganz und Stil repräsentiert dieses Nussbaumdekor in Schiffsbodenoptik, das insbesondere in der Kombination mit weiß-beigen Wohn-Elementen seine volle Wirkung entfaltet. Nussbaum zählt zu den aktuellen Trend-Tips für die kommende Saison.
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This walnut decor - designed to reflect the appearance of a ship's deck - shows elegance, especially when combined with white-beige furniture elements. Walnut is one of the ‚hot' trend tips for the coming season.

Die neuen Eiche-Dekore - hier eine Variante in einem dunklen Beigeton - machen auch in der Synthese mit jungen, modernen Wohnstilen einen starken Eindruck. Sie bringen die neue Rolle des Fußbodens als gestaltbildendes Element des Raumes voll zur Geltung.
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The oak decors - shown here in a dark beige - are impressive also in connection with young and modern living room styles. They are symptomatic for the new role of flooring as the "design element" in interior decoration.

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