Stowarzyszenie Europejskich Producentów Paneli Laminowanych

Naturally Laminate! EPLF launches web portal at


The start of 2009 sees the launch of, the new portal operated by the EPLF European Producers of Laminate Flooring. The portal, which is based around the theme ‘Naturally Laminate!’, provides answers to all the common questions that end consumers have: What is laminate made of? Is laminate eco-friendly? Can it be recycled? What kind of decors are available? How do you lay a laminate floor? How much does laminate cost? How do you care for a laminate floor? Is it allergy-friendly? Is it insulated against footstep sound?

The portal contains five sections covering all the key topics of interest, from lifestyle to what makes a natural product, and is illustrated with attractive photos. The site is specially designed to make consumers aware that laminate floors are sustainable products that meet the requirements of modern environmental protection and reflect the manufacturers’ strong sense of responsibility. But it also covers in detail a wide range of other topics that people often have questions about, such as footstep sound insulation and floor care. The laminate gallery gives users a survey on the variety of laminate flooring, so they can experience a whole range of individual lifestyles from the comfort of their home computer. Happy browsing!

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Stowarzyszenie Europejskich Producentów Paneli Laminowanych
Anne-Claude Martin
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pressateplf [dot] com

Rue Defacqz 52
1050 Ixelles
Tel. +32.(0)2.536.86.74

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