Stowarzyszenie Europejskich Producentów Paneli Laminowanych

Feeling good every step of the way - Laminate floorings are hygienic and easy-care


Day after day they are trampled underfoot and yet still they reward us with natural beauty. Laminate floorings offer underfoot comfort throughout and at the same time underpin every style variation around the home. They compliment classic and modern furniture well, exuding a pleasant warm feeling. They are quiet, easy-care and durable, extremely hard-wearing, environmentally friendly and the bonus is that they are so easy to fit. Laminate floorings are practical and quite stunningly beautiful.

No floor covering is as easy to care for or as hygienic as laminate flooring. With its sealed surface, dust and dirt simply cannot penetrate or cling stubbornly to the floor. That is why laminate floorings are extremely friendly to allergy sufferers. All you have to do is remove the dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner or simply wipe clean in a flash with a micro-fiber cloth. Floor-cleaning detergents are practically a thing of the past. That’s good news for the environment and good news for your shopping bill. But if you prefer to be on the safe side, go for laminate with an anti-bacterial surface. With its special active surface layer, bacteria and germs don’t stand a chance. The ideal solution – especially for kitchens and children’s rooms.

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Stowarzyszenie Europejskich Producentów Paneli Laminowanych
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Ein Laminatboden hält viel aus: Die verschüttete Sauce einfach mit einem feuchten Tuch aufnehmen. (Foto: Quick-Step)
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A laminate floor will put up with a lot of punishment. Splats of sauce can be wiped up easily with a damp cloth. (Photo: Quick-Step)

Mit einem Mikrofasertuch lassen sich Staub und Schmutz schnell vom Laminatboden entfernen. (Foto: Quick-Step)
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Dust and dirt are quickly removed from laminate floors with a micro-fiber cloth. (Photo: Quick-Step)

Nach der Party ist der Boden schnell wieder sauber. Carelia Ahorn von Kronotex. (Foto: Kronotex)
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The morning after and the flooring is still beautiful. Carelia Ahorn by Kronotex. (Photo: Kronotex)

Auf einem Laminatboden kann man leben: Auch zum „Scrabblen“ wunderbar geeignet. Steinbirke von Witex . (Foto: Witex)
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Easy living on laminate flooring, also perfect for scrabbling. Stone beech by Witex. (Photo: Witex)

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