Stowarzyszenie Europejskich Producentów Paneli Laminowanych

The Trend: Natural Authenticity- Laminate Flooring convinces with innovative Look



Whether its color is dark or light, the look is wood or tile, the inspiration oak, walnut, pine, maple or birch – “natural authenticity” is the latest trend in laminate flooring. The new decors are strong and convince with a demanding, true-to-nature look that turns a living room into a unique living experience. An ever increasing number of consumers are interested in a more natural way of living – which is one reason why the country-look has conquered urban living rooms. Laminate flooring fits perfectly into this trend. Expressive, warm hues, veering towards a red-tinted brown are dominant in wood surfaces. The perfect reproduction of the wood grain is coming closer and closer to its natural inspiration, and the authentic joined look conveys a rustic living atmosphere. Yet also light woods, such as maple, pear and pine are trendy and their true-to-nature look adds to the simple, subdued feel of a room that makes it the ideal backdrop for light, modern furniture. New exclusive wood imitations with a tropical wood feel complete the products range of laminate flooring producers. The EPLF, Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (registered in Bielefeld, Germany), is the organization of the leading European producers.

Mediterranean colors of terracotta, beige, white, or a stony gray are typical for the laminate flooring look in tile decors. Are these tiles or laminate flooring? It is hard to distinguish when it comes to these new, modern tile decors. Laminate flooring convinces with its absolutely authentic tile structure, its warm feeling to the naked foot, and the quietness to the step. An integrated foot step sound-reduction, simple click assembly, and antibacterial surfaces make laminate flooring the modern and innovative product that offers an ideal solution for any kind of floor. And still the palette of individual design ideas continues to have more to offer.

For questions please contact:
EPLF Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring
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Stowarzyszenie Europejskich Producentów Paneli Laminowanych
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„Landhausdiele 1-Stab Kiefer“: Die lebhafte Maserung der Kiefer mit ihrer natürlichen Abstrahlung reflektiert das Licht in vielfachen Facetten.
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“Countryhome Style Floorboard Single Bar Pine”: The lively grain of pine with its natural reflection returns light in many different facets.

„Antica Tropische Pinie“: Dieses innovative Laminatboden-Dekor repräsentiert den aktuellen Landhausstil und überzeugt mit seiner authentischen Holzoptik.
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“Antica Tropical Pine“: This innovative laminate flooring decors represents the current country look and is convincing in its authentic wood look. 

„Western Hemlock Landhausdiele“: Ein Laminatfußboden, der moderne Funktionalität mit der anspruchsvoller Optik Zeit verbindet. Die Oberfläche ist natürlichem Holz nachempfunden und wirkt wie gebürstet.
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“Western Hemlock Conutryhome Floorboard“: this is laminate flooring that combines modern functionality with the demanding look of our time. The surface imitates natural wood and appears to be brushed. 

Mediterranes Farbambiente: Fliesendekore in hellen Beigetönen schaffen einen dezent zurückhaltenden Rahmen für individuelle Rauminszenierungen.
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Mediterranean color play: the tile decors in light beige hues create a subtle, reduced background for individual room decoration. 

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